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provide protection against germs, bacteria and viruses by effectively filtering out polluted particles and droplets in the air, Buy Disposable Mask 3 layer antibacterial.

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Disposable Mask 3 layer antibacterial

Disposable Surgical face masks are ideal for a wide range of applications, Buy Disposable Mask 3 layer antibacterial. These single use, non-woven, melt-blown face masks have soft round ear loops and a nose close clip to ensure a secure, comfortable fit. Not to be used as a substitute for surgical face masks or N-95 respirators.

Buy Disposable Mask 3 layer antibacterial

Buy Disposable Mask 3 layer antibacterial

  • 3 ply face mask
  • Inner and outer layers are non-woven fabrics and the middle layer is made from melt-blown material
  • Soft round ear loops
  • Nose clip for secure fit
  • Intended for one time use
  • Inner layer offers moisture absorption
  • 50 masks per box
  • Size: One size fits most
  • Dimensions: 6.9” x 3.75”
  • Color: Blue

CERTIFIED MANUFACTURE- CERTIFIED MANUFACTURE- Quality Inspection Certificate can be offered and the product has been registered in US.

How to wear a 3-layer mask? – Buy Disposable Mask 3 layer antibacterial

Always wash your hands before use or disinfect them with a disinfectant hand gel. Hold the 3-layer mask only by the elastic ear loops and not by the surface that goes over your mouth and nose. Hook the loops behind your ears and unfold the face mask over your nose and chin.

Use the metal nose clip in the top of the mask to make sure the face mask fits snugly around your nose. Make sure that as little air as possible escapes from the sides, top and bottom. Buy Disposable Mask 3 layer antibacterial

Instructions for 3-layer face masks

While wearing the 3-layer face mask, it is important not to touch the outside of the mask. This is because the outside of the mask may have become contaminated during use. Therefore, never put the mask on or take it off to talk, or to take bites of your food.Buy Disposable Mask 3 layer antibacterial

Preferably do not wear a face mask longer than three hours at a time, or replace it as soon as it starts to feel damp and clammy. Always take an extra face mask if you are going to be on the road for more than 3 hours.

Buy Disposable Mask 3 layer antibacterial
Buy Disposable Mask 3 layer antibacterial

5 key elements:

  • Prevent virus– Highly effective in filtering of harmful airborne bacteria, removing most flu pathogens. This unique anti-bacterial quality helps users reduce the risk of being infected by colds and flu.
  • Capture particles – Efficient in capturing harmful particles, you will have total confidence that it’s protecting you from diseases caused by particles in the air.
  • Comfortable and breathable – Extensive research and analysis have resulted in a mask that can be moulded to fit every face comfortably. Adjustable noseband form a perfect seal. Its high-tech materials, quality of workmanship,  reduce the build-up of moisture and heat, making a highly breathable face mask. It’s so comfortable wearing it.
  • Prevent allergy –  It is natural, comfortable and soft, effectively filtering the dust in the air and most allergens like pollen, mould, dust mites etc. and reduces the occurrence of respiratory allergies, such as hay fever, allergic rhinitis, allergic asthma.
  • Safe and skin-friendly – The fabric is safe and non-toxic. It’s easy to put on, comfortable to wear and offers the user an unrivalled level of protection.

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